Quondam Committee Meetings 2020

Meeting for 2020 TBC: Meetings usually take place from 7-8pm on a Tuesday at Thomas's School, Broomwood Road in May and September each year.
Quondam Reunion 2020

Date of 2020 reunion TBC: Reunions usually take place on the second Saturday of October at Thomas's, Broomwood Road.
We have launched a new community website for Quondam!

You will find it at http://quondam.btck.co.uk/

You will also find it at http://new.quondamuk.com/

A History of Broomwood School

"A History of Broomwood School" Centenary Souvenir booklets - we have a limited number left for sale so, if you would like a copy (first come, first served) please contact Dawn Martin (see link to the left)
Postage-inclusive price - £2.50 to U.K. address and £3 to all Overseas destinations.

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