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Quondam is the thriving 'old girls' association for women who attended or taught at The County Secondary School Clapham (also known as Clapham County School) and Walsingham School in Broomwood Road and Clapham Common West Side, South West London.  The splendid grade II listed Broomwood Road building is now home to Thomas's Day School Clapham and the Quondam annual reunion, annual general meeting and committee meetings continue to be held there thanks to the support of Thomas's Day School.

New members are always welcome

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We have launched a new community website for Quondam!

You will find it at http://quondam.btck.co.uk/

You will also find it at http://new.quondamuk.com/

Quondam Reunion 2020 is cancelled

The Quondam Reunion 2020 has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the risks and uncertainties as the country emerges from lock-down. We will continue to publish the Quondam newsletters. Please forward your articles, poems or experiences of life during the Covid-19 pandemic for inclusion in the next newsletter. Please contact us to advise us of your email address, if you are not yet on our email circulation list. Details on the 'contact us' page. The Quondam committee looks forward to seeing you at the 2021 reunion!
Quondam Committee Meetings 2020

The dates of the committee meetings are Tuesday 12 May, 5pm-6pm and Tuesday 14 July, 5pm-6pm. Meetings will take place online during the Covid-19 pandemic period.
A History of Broomwood School

"A History of Broomwood School" Centenary Souvenir booklets - we have a limited number left for sale so, if you would like a copy (first come, first served) please contact the Membership Secretary (see link to the left)

Postage-inclusive price - £2.50 to U.K. address and £3 to all Overseas destinations.

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